Hi all,

Is there a way to setup a classmethod or routine to execute immediately after cache is started?

I wrote a batch file that does execute the cache start, but I'm getting an Access Denied error on the cession command despite running as Administrator:

ccontrol start HEALTHSHARE1
csession HEALTHSHARE1 -U %SYS "##class(SomeClass).SomeMethod()"

Thanks for the help/suggestions

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Hi all,

I have a non objectscript application connecting to a cache instance via ODBC and one column is a list of serial objects. The output from the query contains a lot of special characters and I'm hoping there's a better way to get this data back so I won't have to perform extensive parsing on the application side.

I've tried using the $ListToString() function, but that didn't help much, probably because the list contains complex objects rather than primitives.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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· Feb 28, 2016
Mocking tools for Unit Testing

Hello everyone!

Does anyone know of a library that can be used to create Mock objects for Objectscript classes?

Right now, my team has been building mock objects by hand to help circumvent dependencies when writing and executing unit tests, but I always wondered if someone had ever created a Mock library like Mockito to help quicken the process.


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