· Oct 20, 2017

Run routine/classmethod immediately after cache start

Hi all, 


Is there a way to setup a classmethod or routine to execute immediately after cache is started?


I wrote a batch file that does execute the cache start, but I'm getting an Access Denied error on the cession command despite running as Administrator:


ccontrol start HEALTHSHARE1
csession HEALTHSHARE1 -U %SYS "##class(SomeClass).SomeMethod()"


Thanks for the help/suggestions

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You may need to make the CACHELIB database R/W to save the edit to %ZSTART

No, because %Z* routines are stored in CACHESYS database. The only exception is `%ZEN.*`. You may want to check `do SHOW^%NSP` output:

Routine name/Range        Type      Dirset              Target directory
   [%SYS/:%Z)             INT                           c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\cachelib\
   [%Z:%ZEN.)             INT                           c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\
   [%ZEN.:%ZEN/)          INT                           c:\intersystems\cache\mgr\cachelib\

               ... a square bracket [] means that
               left or right margin is inclusive, while a parenthesis
               means that the margin is exclusive...