Tom, can you provide a little more info? 

  • was this a different IRIS instance than the one you successfully connected to from VS Code? was it remote? what port # did you use in the successful case, and what # in the failed one?
  • i think the error message is from VS Code, is that right?

they were in one of the lists in the section David linked to, but now they are in all four. thanks for catching this David!

inadvertently omitted, sorry. will add to the doc as soon as i get a chance.

we'll add the USER> prompt and a link to the Terminal doc to these instructions, and get rid of the extraneous word.

in deference to the wisdom of Salva and Doug, i have removed the section about mounting files individually.

If you are doing database encryption only, this is very unlikely to be the problem. Journal encryption is a bit tricky as indicated by the text I cited, but as that text also says, "there are no specific mirroring-related requirements for database encryption". 

William, is it possible that the DR async and failover members do not have all of the needed encryption keys loaded? See Activating Journal Encryption in a Mirror in the High Availability Guide. This text applies to releases supporting multiple encryption keys; what release are you running?