we'll add the USER> prompt and a link to the Terminal doc to these instructions, and get rid of the extraneous word.

in deference to the wisdom of Salva and Doug, i have removed the section about mounting files individually.

If you are doing database encryption only, this is very unlikely to be the problem. Journal encryption is a bit tricky as indicated by the text I cited, but as that text also says, "there are no specific mirroring-related requirements for database encryption". 

William, is it possible that the DR async and failover members do not have all of the needed encryption keys loaded? See Activating Journal Encryption in a Mirror in the High Availability Guide. This text applies to releases supporting multiple encryption keys; what release are you running?

it is not enough for the restored database to be colocated with the Caché instance on the target server. the new database must be configured within Caché.

  1. in the management portal on the target system, select System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Local Databases.
  2. on the Local Databases page, click the Create New Database button.
  3. on the first panel of the Database Wizard, enter a name for the new database and the local path to the database you restored to this host, and click Next.
  4. the next panel says:
    Database file, CACHE.DAT, already exists in directory. If you do not want to use it, please press the [Back] button and modify the Directory.
  5. click Finish to configure the database. other than the name, the characteristics of the source database you backed up are carried over to the newly configured database on the target system.


For information on configuring the journal directories using the management portal, please see Configuring Journal Settings in the Caché Data Integrity Guide. You can also configure the WIJ directory using the page described there.

It looks like you probably saw the general discussion of best practices regarding  the separation of journal, WIJ, and database directories in File System Recommendations in the Caché Installation Guide. I will make sure to update this section with an explicit link to the above section, and make it clear that these directories are not specified during installation. (For a separate discussion of journaling best practices regarding the locations of these directories, see Journaling Best Practices, also in the Data Integrity Guide.)