Sergey Kamenev · Apr 30, 2019

Questions regarding InterSystems IRIS docker container

I follow the instruction on docker site.

I have next troubles:

  1. After changing password fom "SYS" to my pass I see on screen non removable "USER>". Standart commands "exit" and "quit" are not worked. Next actions is possible only in new terminal window.
  2. I need some extra tool in container. Where I try install (by example "apt-get install mc") I get "E: Package 'mc' has no installation candidate". I don't understand why standart ubuntu package manager do not work in Iris container.
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1. What you did, to get it. Please add all your steps, so we can find what you did wrong.

2. IRIS container changed nothing what comes from base Ubuntu image. If you can install mc there it should be possible on IRIS as well. But I don't see any reasons, why mc should be available inside the container. And why you need it there?

1. My steps:

docker exec -it my-iris iris session IRIS

Log in with these predefined credentials:

Node: 8a6940088a16, Instance: IRIS
Username: _SYSTEM
Password: SYS

For security, these credentials (and the other predefined accounts) are immediately expired the first time you use them, and you are required to change the password.

After changing password I see non-removable and non-breakable "USER>"

2. I found decision of this problem.

After  this "apt-get update" it's possible install other packages.

we'll add the USER> prompt and a link to the Terminal doc to these instructions, and get rid of the extraneous word.

1. To exit the IRIS session use the command halt 

2. And yes, for most container activity, it is best to do an apt-get update && apt-get install inside your containers, which will make sure it has the latest packages/repositories available.

@Douglas Foster if you're going to get the HALT info added to the Docker Hub page, maybe also clean up the debris I've highlighted below:

What do you expect instead of "USER>", it is a session prompt, where you should put your commands. At this point, for me, it looks expectable.


The prompt you see with USER> is an IRIS terminal prompt.  To get a bash session you will need to run something like

docker exec -it my-iris bash

Package mc has no installation candidate because apt-get update hasn't been run since we built the image.  Run

apt-get update && apt-get install mc

and you'll be fine. :)