· Apr 30, 2019

Questions regarding InterSystems IRIS docker container

I follow the instruction on docker site.

I have next troubles:

  1. After changing password fom "SYS" to my pass I see on screen non removable "USER>". Standart commands "exit" and "quit" are not worked. Next actions is possible only in new terminal window.
  2. I need some extra tool in container. Where I try install (by example "apt-get install mc") I get "E: Package 'mc' has no installation candidate". I don't understand why standart ubuntu package manager do not work in Iris container.
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1. My steps:

docker exec -it my-iris iris session IRIS

Log in with these predefined credentials:

Node: 8a6940088a16, Instance: IRIS
Username: _SYSTEM
Password: SYS

For security, these credentials (and the other predefined accounts) are immediately expired the first time you use them, and you are required to change the password.

After changing password I see non-removable and non-breakable "USER>"

2. I found decision of this problem.

After  this "apt-get update" it's possible install other packages.