Thank you very much. I meant that one job which is everything in process waits for being called with another. One process call other

Trigger LogInsert [ Event = INSERT, Foreach = row/object, Time = AFTER ]
className = ..%ClassName(1)
= 1:1:cls.Properties.Count() {

prop = cls.Properties.GetAt(i)
propName = prop.Name

prop.Name'["%" {
idRow = {Id}
"s value={"_propName_"}"
&sql(INSERT INTO LogClass (className, dateOfChange, fieldName, ip, newValue, oldValue, operation, timeOfChange, users)
            VALUES (:classname,:date,:propName, '192:168:1:1',:value,'','Insert',:time,'asfasf'))

Dear Sean I would glad to get a code for update trigger that iterate on all updated properties of a derived class and writes log to a log table.