Call method in background process

Hello everybody.

I have task to find out possibility call method from background task.  I need run some class with methods. I've found out than I can run it via ^%ZSTART routine. And now I wanna to learn is it possible to call this class and run it's methods.

Thank you

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Hi Alexandr.

If you are looking to run a task at specific times, you could create a new task which extends %SYS.Task.Definition to then be selectable as an option from the task manager.

For example, I have a folder which I need to periodically delete files older than x days.

To achieve this, I have a class that looks like this:

Class DEV.Schedule.Purge Extends %SYS.Task.Definition

Parameter TaskName = "Purge Sent Folder";

Property Directory As %String;

Property Daystokeep As %Integer(VALUELIST = ",5,10,15,20,25,30") [ InitialExpression = "30" ];

Method OnTask() As %Status

Set tsc = ..PurgeSentFolder(..Directory,..Daystokeep,"txt")
Quit tsc

Method PurgeSentFolder(Directory As %String, DaysToKeep As %Integer, Extention As %String) As %Status
// Calculate the oldest date to keep files on or after
set BeforeThisDate = $zdt($h-DaysToKeep_",0",3)

// Gather the list of files in the specified directory
set rs=##class(%ResultSet).%New("%File:FileSet")
Set ext = "*."_Extention
do rs.Execute(Directory,ext,"DateModified")

// Step through the files in DateModified order
while rs.Next() {
set DateModified=rs.Get("DateModified")
if BeforeThisDate]DateModified {
// Delete the file
set Name=rs.Get("Name")
do ##class(%File).Delete(Name)
// Stop when we get to files with last modified dates on or after our delete date
if DateModified]BeforeThisDate 
set tSC = 1
quit tSC


Then I created a new task in the scheduler, selected the namespace where the new class exists, and then filled in the properties and times I want the task to run.

Thank you very much. I meant that one job which is everything in process waits for being called with another. One process call other