· May 24, 2017
broken font with "Back"

I just noticed a new navigation item - "Back" now appears above the "Links side bar when viewing posts.

It is in the wrong font. Also it seems very odd place for this navigation item.

It alters the page layout by moving the content down & introducing more whitespace.

See image:

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I just clicked on the link "Contribute feedback about this site" and was brought to the feedback group

However all the issues that have been logged are now gone. Were they all fixed?

All that is there is some year old posts about winning a pass to global summit 2016. They should not be in this feedback group.

Also the button to "create a new post" is gone from this page.

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How do we get posts featured/sticky/always on the top of the homepage?

We need the ability to have a couple posts always on the homepage. Most sites have some sort of Featured/Announcement/Sticky function for important information to be seen by all.

Why can't we have that on this site?

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· Nov 7, 2016
Recently Read is incorrect

I clicked on my name to view my profile. It shows a list of recently read posts. This list is incorrect. It seems to be listing all the posts on the homepage as post I have read. I have not read the majority of these posts.

Perhaps the recently read logic is broken? I assume recently read would require me to actually view the posting to consider it read?

Can you correct (or remove) this information in the profiles

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· Nov 1, 2016
How do I decline an answer?

I posted a question and someone replied with a comment.
This comment was marked as an answer, but the comment does not actually answer the question.

How do I tell the system that the comment is not actually an answer and should not be marked as answered?

Can the original post author decline an answer? What is the answer is incorrect?

Can the community vote on the best answer (like on other popular discussion boards)?

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