· Mar 15, 2016

Tag Cloud?

Should we have a tag cloud on the homepage in place of  partial list of tag shown in the Browse by Tag? 

or at least a better formatted page than the current tagcloud at:

This is a very very hard listing of tags to interact with.  It is one giant block of unformatted text.  

Maybe turn this in to a full page tagcloud?  Or a multi-column bulleted list?  


Once again I choose the online learning topic for this post as no appropriate tag is available.

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The partial list is supposed to show the most popular tags in decending order. I'm not sure if a traditional tag cloud will fit and be useful in that right column but I do agree with you that the detail page needs work. We'll at least get that formatted properly and then try to figure out a good metaphor to allow the tags to be explored more easily.