Thank you yes, I thought the process is done, once I disconnect the VPN and terminal says Inactive, but I figured out that if I reconnect my VPN, go to studio - the process is still there, so once I terminate it - TROLLBACK works fine.

Thank you

I thought so too, but it clearly does not work. Maybe it's a bug in TROLLBACK.

my exact steps to reproduce:

1.Open up terminal session. 


3. Set any simple global to test: S ^AKTEST=123

4. Disconnect VPN

5. Reconnect VPN

6. Open up new Terminal Session

7. Look up that global - It is still there with my setting.

I like the GetStored answer, which would work perfect in my case to make certain the child is stored properly.  

In my real life example, the original save used %Save(0) and therefore did not save somethingelse.myNewProperty, but it was still displaying the correct value when I was (ref it directly) and writing it out, as it was getting it from memory.

Thank you for clarifying, that is what I ended up doing.   

Thank you Ben.  I realize there maybe an issue there.  I was thinking someone came up with a workaround (sort of speaking).  In either cases, I think labels would work well to test partial huge routines, but it will only alter the starting point, not end.