Alex Kogan · Nov 5, 2019

Display Issue for the Date field

I have a custom written date, setup as myDate in my application, which always behaved fine for years, and now it's acting a little weird. 

When I run SQL in Display mode the date shows as 1/10/1841 for some but not ALL rows.

When I run the same exact query in logical Mode the date shows normal format, in my case, for example 10/1/2019.  When the application is running is shows the incorrect date.  When I run the terminal session and open a ref point and ask to write a date is shows 10/1/2019, but I am expecting internal format here - 65287.   

I was wondering what is causing this issue.  I am pretty much certain there are some problems with initial data setup so my question is when does the date field converts and shows as  1/10/1841 ?

as far as the code for these, it's a custom created Date and this code worked for years now... so no issues here.  The myDate field is not a required field in the class where I actually use it.

Class NAMEHERE.myDate [ ClassType = datatype, ClientDataType = DATE, OdbcType = DATE, Not ProcedureBlock, SqlCategory = DATE ]

ClassMethod LogicalToDisplay(in As NAMEHERE.uDate = "") As NAMEHERE.myString [ CodeMode = expression ]

ClassMethod DisplayToLogical(in As NAMEHERE.myString = "") As NAMEHERE.myDate [ CodeMode = expression ]

there are also other methods in this class, but unrelated

Please advise,

Thank you for your time,

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Hi Alex,

 "in logical Mode the date shows normal format, in my case, for example 10/1/2019"

in logical mode you get the pure content from global which is here  NOT a $H value !!

$ZD() expects an Integer to convert    =>   it is just +"10/1/2019" => 10

then $ZD(10) = " 10/1/1841"    

So it seems that some of your Dates are not stored using DisplayToLogigal resulting in an Integer
but written directly (e.g. coming from ZEN) into your object / global.

To fix it you may run something like   if +in'=in set in=$zdh(in))


Thank you Robert

if you add to your data class

Class NAMEHERE.myDate ClassType = datatype, ClientDataType = DATE, OdbcType = DATE, Not ProcedureBlockSqlCategory = DATE ]

these 2 methods you get a kind of self healing code.
It is accessed every time you load or save your property 

ClassMethod LogicalToStorage(in As NAMEHERE.myString ""As NAMEHERE.myDate CodeMode = expression ]

ClassMethod StorageToLogical(in As NAMEHERE.myString ""As NAMEHERE.myDate CodeMode = expression ]