· Apr 26, 2021

TSTART Connection lost and transaction does not rollback


I have a quick question regarding TSTART, however not certain if there is an answer.

If I am inside the transaction and I loose connection - I always assumed that transaction would TROLLBACK, however it does not.

Is there anything special I need to set up with my TSTART, in order for this transaction to safely rollback?


As example: Let's say I am inside the TSTART and setting up / altering some data and my VPN connection got disconnected.  I kind of expect all the data to be rolled back.  

Thank you,


Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Are you sure, that the process was terminated?

You should check cconsole.log/messages.log

journal records, you should find there where transaction was started, you changed the data, check if change was really in transaction and any other records within the process, it should be commit or rollback. 
In any case, when restart Cache, it should terminate any unfinished processes and rollback data.