I have multiple namespaces in a Cache environment say NS1 & NS2. I want to add some restriction so that  a routine running in the NS1 should not access any resource(global/routine) belongs to namespace NS2.

The above restriction need for few of the clients only, so we do not want to write any custom logic in code. 

We are looking for some solution provided by Cache where we can restrict the namespace access.

Can somebody please help me on this.

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We are using Cache in our application. We are using default username/password for connecting to the Cache Database through Cache Manege Provider. Can we limit the permission of the user _SYSTEM to access only limited database/namespace.

Can we create new user for ODBC connection? Is there any API provided for creating user with limited access so that the user creation process can be automated.

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I am saving 2000 objects of a class in a loop.

In one environment it is taking a total of 86 seconds and in another environment it is taking 0.55 seconds.

The code (the class and the code for save) is same for both the environment. I have Ensemble 2012.1.5.956 

Can somebody help me to identify the cause of the discrepancy. Is there any memory or any other setup which may cause the problem.

Thank you in davance,


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