· Mar 22, 2017

How to create new user for ODBC connection

We are using Cache in our application. We are using default username/password for connecting to the Cache Database through Cache Manege Provider. Can we limit the permission of the user _SYSTEM to access only limited database/namespace.

Can we create new user for ODBC connection? Is there any API provided for creating user with limited access so that the user creation process can be automated.

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Yes you can use any DML statements over ODBC to create new users and GRANT and REVOKE privs.

Create User:

Grant :


We do not recommend making general use of the _SYSTEM username.  For a secure system you should either disable this account, or change the password and limit it's use.  Then create a new Cache User for each person connecting to the application.  You can first create a Role that has all the privs needed for a general user and then just GRANT that one Role to each User.

If you need more detailed examples on this you can contact InterSysetms Support and we will help you out.