· Mar 31, 2017

Restricting Routine running in one namespace from doing Znamespace and access other namespace

I have multiple namespaces in a Cache environment say NS1 & NS2. I want to add some restriction so that  a routine running in the NS1 should not access any resource(global/routine) belongs to namespace NS2.

The above restriction need for few of the clients only, so we do not want to write any custom logic in code. 

We are looking for some solution provided by Cache where we can restrict the namespace access.

Can somebody please help me on this.

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Assuming you aren't using a really old version of Caché (5.0 or earlier), and that your users have their own userids in Caché (i.e. $username is different for each of them), then you can configure things so that certain users aren't able to read the database of NS2. This will stop them switching to the namespace as well. See documentation here and here.

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