Rubens Silva! I glad to see your project! Your implementation supports base things of Functional Programming like Monoid, Functor and etc.

Good work!

Did you try to use it in some real project?

Oh, yeah! :-)

It is possible to rewrite the code and compare performance! Good idea to new research! Thank you!

Dear Rob Tweed.

I plan to researched the issue about using Cache Classes fwith cache.node .

I should refresh my memory why i decided to use programs instead of classes.


Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for your attention. Yeah, I heard about mongo-dbx.

About Caché classes ....  I should research why I denied this feature. Anyway thank you) 


Thank you!

Dear Jiri, I will paste benchmarks info later) Thank you for you request)

My thesis available on Russian language. Do you want to read?

I plan to use little lightweight http server which communicates with Telegram server.

Every action inside Telegram app generates event. The app sends every event to Telegram server.

Telegram server notifies my little lightweight http server about new events.

My server processes the events and do some certain action. For example, restart certain Cache instance.

Thank you for your question!

Now, I think about using Telegram Bots API.

Can you provide some examples or detains about "deploying some services there"?

Yeah, really interesting functionality)

What about execution some kind of command directly from the chat bot?

I mean some kind of terminal directly on your device in chat bot.