Hi dev community,

I am currently working on a project to send documents to a RESTful based API that supports bearer
Token Authorization.

When we try to fire a JSON request from our EnsLib.Rest.Operation towards the 3rd party API with a
valid Token we keep receiving Authorization Error codes HTTP 401 back.

If we use the same request and same Token from a test utility such as Postman the request is
successful and we are able to move past the authorization stage.

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HealShare 2017

Hi dev community,

I am currently working on an interface that needs to communicate to a SOAP/ITK endpoint.

I am using the EnsLib.ITK.AdapterKit.Operation.SOAPOperation to interface with an ITK
service, but it is proving to be more complex than originally expected to set up the web client
against that particular end-point since I haven't been provided with a WSDL from ITK service side as
the vendor state they are following the ITK standard and no WSDLs are needed.

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We have Mirroring established between NODE 1 & Node 2 . We have set the "cachesys" database enabled for Journalling. But we dont see the User Accounts , Roles, Resources created on Node 1 ( favoured Primary) reflected on Node 2 . Is creating them manually again is the only option for this ? . Is there any way to sync them or would adding %SYS to MIRROR a possible solution. Would it be great if anyone has faced this as we have an issue that during failovers Team is locked out .

Best Regards,

Arun Madhan

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· Aug 15, 2018
ASTM TCP/IP Business Service


Trying to build a passthrough based on ASTM . I have created 2Way TCP/IP Business Service and specified a PORT (as Adapter Settings). The Source system is broadcasting from IP 20:30:100:100 , Port 10000 . Ensemble is on 20:40:40:100 , What is the possible change that I have to implement to receive this broadcasted messaged ? . Should the Ensemble Server be on the IP range to receive the broadcast ?

Many Thanks,

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