Trying to gather basic code examples written in ObjectScript and realized it's probably easiest to ask the people who know what they're doing!

I'm looking for examples of the following five prompts all in ObjectScript:

Prompt 1. Write a function that partitions the array into two subarrays: one with all even integers, and the other with all odd integers. Return your result in the following format:

[[evens], [odds]]

Prompt 2. Create a function that computes the hamming distance between two strings

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I'm trying to write an ObjectScript function that sorts version numbers to help learn ObjectScript. This is all I can think of after staring at VS Code for a while, but I don't know where to go with it. Can someone please help out with a tip? The goal is to take something like ["1.4.5", "0.5.3", "6.3.2", "1.2.4"] and turn it into ["0.5.3", "1.2.4", "1.4.5", "6.3.2"]

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InterSystems IRIS versions 2022.2 and newer feature the ability to authenticate to a REST API using JSON web tokens (JWTs). This feature enhances security by limiting where and how often passwords transfer over the network in addition to setting an expiration time on access.

The goal of this article is to serve as a tutorial on how to implement a mock REST API using InterSystems IRIS and lock access to it behind JWTs.

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· Mar 7, 2023 10m read
Reference for the JSON Web Classes


InterSystems IRIS versions 2022.2 and newer feature a redesigned functionality for JSON web tokens (JWTs). Once housed under the %OAuth2 class package, the JWT class, along with other JSON web classes (JWCs), now live under %Net.JSON. This migration occured in order to modularize the JWCs. Before, they were closely intertwined with the implementation for the OAuth 2.0 framework. Now, they can be maintained and used separately from OAuth2.

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