Good Morning,

    I have gone thru both articles and numerous others but I have3 still been unable to get the async DR member out of the waiting  status.  In the portal I went to SYSTEM>JOURNALS>MIRROR JOURNAL FILES and no mirror journal files show up.  Are there cache or windows utilities that I can use to trace the activity between these two machines (primary & async member).  What troubleshooting steps should I take now?

I have verified that the ports are open and in process explorer it appears that the async member goes to the primary successfully but I'm still getting an unable to connect in my console log.

There are no errors in my windows event logs.  I turned on all system events in the audit  log for both servers and there are no errors that show up.

I am on CACHE 2014.1.1.702

Thanks for the help.  I am reading both articles to see if I missed anything.  I did compare the encryption key on the databases from the primary and async and they match.  I went thru the SSL procedure and everything seem to work correctly and I have the same certs on both machines.  I did notice that on the async server that the cacheaudit database is Unmounted and will not let me mount it.  Is this because it's the DR Async machine or is this an indicator of a problem?