· Nov 23, 2016

Cache up in emergency mode

Good Morning,   All replies are appreciated.

We have a development instance of cache that was installed and the person that installed and set it up is no longer here.  We have no id's that we have the passwords for.  I have brought the database up in emergency mode and I can get access thru the terminal using my emergency id but I do not know how to add  a user/password thru the terminal.  Can someone enlighten me or point me to documentation that I haven't found yet.

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in this mode, you should have access to call ^SECURITY tool, where you can what you want.


1) User setup
2) Role setup
3) Service setup
4) Resource setup
5) Application setup
6) Auditing setup
7) Domain setup
8) SSL configuration setup
9) Mobile phone service provider setup
10) OpenAM Identity Services setup
11) Encryption key setup
12) System parameter setup
13) X509 User setup
14) Exit

Option? 1

1) Create user
2) Edit user
3) List users
4) Detailed list users
5) Delete user
6) Export users
7) Import users
8) Exit