> Customizable System Monitoring. ## Introduction The Polymetric Dashboard is a stand-alone module that provides enhanced monitoring tools for a Caché environment. Equipped with over one hundred sensors that monitor key system metrics, a robust REST API, and a modular AngularJS user interface, the Polymetric Dashboard is fully functional out of the box. However, the Polymetric Dashboard is designed to be customizable; any system metric can be monitored by creating a new sensor, and the visualization of collected data can be tailored to specific requirements and purposes. --- ## Goal Monitoring system health is an integral part of providing effective services. Many key system metrics, such as CPU usage and free disk space, are important under all circumstances, but in the diverse environments in which Caché is used additional situational system metrics should be monitored as well. The Polymetric Dashboard makes monitoring these, and any other, metrics quick and intuitive.

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