david clifte · Dec 2, 2016
How to remove accentuation?

How to remove accentuation of a word?


Árvore = Arvore

você = voce

Então = entao

The words above are in brazilian portuguese, I need to get rid with the accentuation such that I can compare two sentences.

Thanks in advance.






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david clifte · Nov 9, 2016
How to debug a CSP page

I'm trying to debug a CSP page but I'm not able to set up a breakpoint into <script> tag.

Is it possible to setup on CSP files? Am I forgeting something?



this is the tag

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I'm trying to setup a webserver in health share.

I'm stuck in premission set up.

When I select Unauthenticaded login method in  EDIT WEB APLICATION the page freeze and after some time, about a minute, the login page is shown.

Someone knows what is happening?

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I'm trying to start a Production and the following error is shown.

Any idea how to solve?

translations:   -  Produção 'BUS.BusProduction' está sendo iniciada...
                              - Production 'BUS.BusProduction' is being initialized

                             - A produção não pode ser iniciada - precisa ser ativada 
                             - The production can't be initialized - it must be activated.


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david clifte · Oct 31, 2016
Grant Permission for WSDL

I implemented a WebService in edge of HeathShare but it is asking for user and password, so it isn't possible to publish.

How can I grant permission for that service?


PS. When I type the user and pass the WSDL shown is correct.

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I have to connect to an external database and I'd like to use the JDBC SQL Gateway.

I followed this tutorial [1] to create a JDBC SQL Gateway and after configured it works as expected, but I don't know

how use this connection into source code. Maybe these other tutorial is related [2] and [3].



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How to identify a patient of an encounter?

Doing the following query in Edge we are able to list the records of all patients.

I want select all records of a particular patient.


SELECT  top 10 * FROM HS_SDA3_Streamlet.Encounter 



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I need to create a query that return the amount of heath related information from a patient. 

I created one using the Analitics but, once our Analitcs database is update once a day this information is not reliable during the current query day.

Part of my Analitcs query is shown below. Where can I find the equivalent tables in Health Share? Any help is appreciate.

Tanks In Advance.


--Analitcs Query

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