The local support just answer my question.


Select Health Share in Administration Portal, on top left corner choose Wizard Installer,  then, in the new page activate the desired production.

Thanks to local support!

Yes, I am.

once I have implemented the following class, what else do I have to do in WebApplication page in order to publish the webservice unauthenticated. Thanks in advance. 

Class Extends EnsLib.SOAP.Service{

/// ---------------------------------------------------
Parameter ADAPTER = "EnsLib.SOAP.InboundAdapter";

/// ---------------------------------------------------
Parameter SERVICENAME = "PUsuario_seviceName";

Parameter LOCATION = "";

/// ---------------------------------------------------
Parameter NAMESPACE = "";

/// ---------------------------------------------------



So, do I have to create a new entry in Web Applications Definition?

Is It here?

System>Security management>Web Application>Edit Web Application

PS: My system is in portuguese so the menu path is likely to be different.

It's usefull for hostname replacement.

To retrieve a url param, do I have to put only its name in aComponents?

This really looks like what I want!


But, as I'm newbie, do you have any usage example? any class that uses this would be awesome!



But this method only allow to access one table. I'd like to use dynamic SQL. I'd like something like this:


conector = new conector('IP:porta/squema','user',''pass')

ds = conector.eval('select * from TABLE....')


I'd like to configure all connection in source code, or at least use the SQL gateway.