david clifte · Oct 31, 2016

Grant Permission for WSDL

I implemented a WebService in edge of HeathShare but it is asking for user and password, so it isn't possible to publish.

How can I grant permission for that service?


PS. When I type the user and pass the WSDL shown is correct.

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Hello David,

Are you trying to access the WSDL in a web browser using the generated CSP page? What is the URL that you are using? The application path of the URL should correlate with a web application definition defined in HealthShare that can be edited in the System Management Portal. This web application definition is likely set to Password Authentication. By setting the web application definition to Unauthenticated Access, a login screen should not be presented when trying to view the WSDL.



So, do I have to create a new entry in Web Applications Definition?

Is It here?

System>Security management>Web Application>Edit Web Application

PS: My system is in portuguese so the menu path is likely to be different.

Hello David,

Yes this is the correct location to view and edit a Web Application Definition.  Are you able to view the Web Application Definition that your web service is associated with?



Yes, I am.

once I have implemented the following class, what else do I have to do in WebApplication page in order to publish the webservice unauthenticated. Thanks in advance. 

Class Extends EnsLib.SOAP.Service{

/// ---------------------------------------------------
Parameter ADAPTER = "EnsLib.SOAP.InboundAdapter";

/// ---------------------------------------------------
Parameter SERVICENAME = "PUsuario_seviceName";

Parameter LOCATION = "";

/// ---------------------------------------------------
Parameter NAMESPACE = "";

/// ---------------------------------------------------