Hi ,

I have tried for template docx wcontains a "boilerplate" text that does not change. The input parameter for the information you want to replace will be in the following format: {{input_parameter}}

And I tried to run the classmethod from terminal it throws the below error.

  <THROW> *%Exception.PythonException  230 ^^0^ <class 'ModuleNotFoundError'>: No module named 'docx' -

Please help me to proceed further.

Hi Everyone,

 I tried to send the Sample XML from Packet Sender to Intersystems IRIS TCP Inbound adapter for learning purpose.
I'm using Predefine d Class : EnsLib.XML.TCPService and the adapter is EnsLib.TCP.CountedInboundAdapter (it selected by Default.)
My sample XML file would be <Patient><Name>John,Williams</Name><MRN>12345</MRN></Patient>
I got an error like 

ERROR <Ens>ErrTCPReadBlockSize: TCP Read(32000) with timeout period (50) failed with : (78):tElement><Patient><Name>Varatha</Name><MRN>12345</MRN></Patient></RootElement>
Please help me to proceed further

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply.
Yes i am using windows to connect to LDAP.
I am using the Binds method. i have enabled the Delegated authentication option in LDAP options and disabled the TLS option.

And again i tried the whole process in a different machine (windows) now i am facing invalid credentials errors as shown below

"0 p‰'LDAP Binds Error: Invalid Credentials< SAMPLES0'e^zAuthenticate+30^User.NewClass1.1^1e^^^0"

I have tested the LDAP connection using the d ^SECURITY method and it came ok.

Please help