· Oct 9, 2018

SID Conversion

Hi all,By using LDAP cache method ##Class(%SYS.LDAP).GetValuesLen(LD,CurrentEntry,Attribute) we get the list of attributes but in "ObjectSid" attribute have the SID in binary format(objectSid^U¤:c@ãºþÕLCP]). how to convert to the readable format from the binary format in cache side.
Please help us to proceed further

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Hi Sansa,

If you are getting back an empty string (I suspect not null) then you should be able to use the GetError method to investigate the problem. This is from the class method comments...

If the function fails, it returns "". 
The actual session error status can be returned by a call to the GetError method.


s Status=##Class(%SYS.LDAP).SearchExts(LD,BaseDN,$$$LDAPSCOPESUBTREE,Filter,Attributes,0,"","",2,ServerTimeout,.SearchResult)
i Status'=$$$LDAPSUCCESS q Status
s Entry=##Class(%SYS.LDAP).FirstEntry(LD,SearchResult)
s Status=##Class(%SYS.LDAP).GetError(LD)
i Status'=$$$LDAPSUCCESS q Status
s ValueList=##Class(%SYS.LDAP).GetValues(LD,Entry,"sAMAccountname") i ValueList="" q ##Class(%SYS.LDAP).GetError(LD)
w !,"sAMAccountname="_$li(ValueList,1)

It's certainly worth looking at the class documentation for this...

From experience LDAP can be tricky to get working, and even harder to help diagnose without having all the information at hand. It's analogous to posting the question, my car won't start, whats the problem. It can be 101 things, so you will need to narrow down the error and provide as much information as you can if you are still stuck.