· Jul 2, 2021
Use of $ZUTIL(12)

As you know the $ZUTIL method is deprecated and I'd like to replace this calls for the corresponding ones.

In my case I'm looking to replase $ZUTIL(12) by ##class(%Library.File).NormalizeDirectory("")

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Product is Caché
Version is 2018.1


I'm working in a security issue of the system that says that once you are logged into a session 
and you save this cookie. You can go to another navigator and use this cookie to be registered. 

I would like to chenge this cookie once user is logged into my system but I can't logout and 
login again because all my cookies are removed.

Is there a way to change to cookie or renew it?

Thanks a lot.
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· May 7, 2018
Information of Mirror servers


I'm using this query "Config.MapMirror.List" To get information of the list of servers that are in the mirror system.

I'd like to know how can I know which of the list is the primary and which is the failover or async member.

Is there a way to do it with this query? Is there another query to get this info?

Thanks a lot

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· Aug 2, 2016
Use of $ZUTIL(49) is deprecated

Hi all,

I'm using $ZUTIL(49) to get information of the databases I want to add to a mirror. This information is passed to ##class(SYS.Mirror).CatchupDB(plstPathDatabases) in order to Catchup all databases addes to a Mirror.

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