Joan Cruz · May 7, 2018

Information of Mirror servers


I'm using this query "Config.MapMirror.List" To get information of the list of servers that are in the mirror system.

I'd like to know how can I know which of the list is the primary and which is the failover or async member.

Is there a way to do it with this query? Is there another query to get this info?

Thanks a lot

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Hi Joan,

It seems that the right way to perform this task would be using MemberStatusList query of the class SYS.Mirror. See Documatic for details.


Finally I used a mix between MemberStatusList query of the class SYS.Mirror and  Config.MapMirrors:List to get all complete information.

Thank you

Hi @Joan Cruz 

Can you tell me how you managed to get the information?

I am trying to do something similar but to show the information in a CSP page.

Best Regards,

Joao Palma