Finally I used a mix between MemberStatusList query of the class SYS.Mirror and  Config.MapMirrors:List to get all complete information.

Thank you

Thank you very much for your response.

Checking for this data I realized that pstrOutputPath was null so it can't work.

Now it's fixed.

Sorry for my doubts but I'm a bit confused.

Ok how it works in case of 14 but how about case 12(#define freezepiece 12)

I don't have freeze property


I found ParseZU49Info method in Sys.Database but the is empty.

How can I know what's on it?

Method ParseZU49Info(
As %String,
setupMirrorFields As %Boolean) As %Status [ Internal ]

That's what I'm trying yo do but I can't figure out all the properties I have to use.

$ZU49 is sending 24 values comma separated and after searching for documentation i can find 6 of them. But many others as Field 14 -> "System file number, regardless of whether the file is currently mounted or dismounted." don't know where to find it.

And also there are some others marked as values for iternal reference that I can't figure out what they are.

Thanks for your response.


Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your response.

I see that page you tell me but the main problem is that I don't know what are the properties or methods of SYS.Database that I have to use because I don't know what are the fields ZU(49) is sending to me.

Can you help me on this? Where can I find the exact data ZU is returning?

Thanks in advance