Oops, I missed the phrase about user input
As far as I know, commands for reading input do not work in the output window

not only properties. Also:

d ..AnotherMethod() // of THIS class

w ..#Parameter // of THIS class

and even 

d ..AnotherClassMethod()  //of course in ClassMethod or Method of THIS class

double dot - shortcut to THIS class context

This feature available from v.2012, you can use it as terminal, also useful when debugging, but don't type kill  without arguments - it's bad idea ;)

s arr="" 
while rs.%Next() { 
 s:'$d(arr(rs.Name)) arr(rs.Name) = "" ; or ^||arr
s (list,chld)="" for { s chld=$o(arr(chld)) Q:chld=""  s list = list _$lb(chld) 


GetDocNames for SAMPLES namespace returns list of documents

One of the list is Use in Dashboards-Data-Driven Colors.pivot.DFI

I can't open it with Studio and can't get it with GetDoc:

{"status": {"errors": [],"summary": ""},"console": [],"result": {"name": "Use in Dashboards-Data-Driven Colors.pivot.DFI","db": "","ts": "","cat": "OTH","enc": false,"content": "","status": "ERROR #16005: Document 'Use in Dashboards-Data-Driven Colors.pivot.DFI' does NOT exist"}}

$zv: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.2.1 (Build 803_1U) Mon Feb 27 2017 09:24:21 EST

I'm used Caché installation with maximum security level - at this level namespace %SYS ( with %CSP.Login.cls ) under resource %DB_CACHESYS without any public permission.