I have a problem. Occasionally, I am getting locked out of IRIS because of password failures. However, the failures aren't necessarily related to my password. We are using VSCode, and I have installed one or two proposed APIs for use with the software (because that's just how I am; I want to learn the new stuff).

Today, I had that problem again. The step that caused the problem was most likely when I was trying to switch the branch I was using and updating within VSCode. Let's say I was switching from branch "1A" to branch "2B". When I did this, IRIS caught two password errors:

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This is for the veteran programmers out there (you know who you are; you started programming before date 60000).

I'm in the middle of updates for our system, and I've come across many $ZU() calls. Most of them are documented in the "Replacement List", but two are missing: $ZUtil(0) and $ZUtil(1).

I honestly don't remember what these are for (and I'm pretty sure I used them in code in a previous century), so if someone can tell me, great. If you can provide a link to a reference, better!

As always, I appreciate your help.

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I learned about the Open Exchange tab here at Intersystems. I wanted to look at one of them, but when I clicked it, it tried to go to the site, then brought me back to openexchange.intersystems.com. I then saw a "not secure" icon in the browser bar. I tried this on IE, Chrome, and Firefox, and could never seem to get into the site to look at the site https://openexchange.intersystems.com/package/Cach%25C3%25A9Quality.

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We have this challenge at our site. When we first designed it many years ago, we decided that the best way to store files was with a unique identifier, which matched one of the fields in the corresponding record. For example, if the unique identifier was a nine-digit field (such as a SSN), we'd save a file as nnnnnnnnn.ext, where nnnnnnnnn is the nine-digit number, and ext is the file extension. If we needed a change to the file, we'd file as nnnnnnnnn_hdate.ext, where hdate is the horolog date.

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