Cannot get to Open Exchange software

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Open Exchange

I learned about the Open Exchange tab here at Intersystems. I wanted to look at one of them, but when I clicked it, it tried to go to the site, then brought me back to  I then saw a "not secure" icon in the browser bar. I tried this on IE, Chrome, and Firefox, and could never seem to get into the site to look at the site

NOTE: seems to affect only the link above.

Am I missing something? Is there a special setting I need to set to see these ideas?



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It looks like the accented "é" is causing problems with the directory software. The UTF-8 encoding of \u00e9 is \xc3\xa9, which is URL encoded as %c3%a9, which has been URL encoded again as %25c3%25a9. Try this:

My browser displays this as:éQuality

Thanks, Jon. That seems to work.

So, who should be updating that link?