Michael Gosselin · May 14, 2020

%Stream.Object.1.INT doesn't exist on server

So, I was doing a debug test on a routine, and tried to open a file (yes, it does exist) as so:


And, I got the above-mentioned error. It begins with "cn_iptcp://localhost:56775/%Stream.Object.1.INT" in case the port means anything.

This is a single-license version of Cache 2017.2, which I installed about three years ago. You would think I'd have the .INT files, but I don't. Oh, one other oddity: I can't seem to compile the routine, despite having admin privs for the machine. It's Windows 7 64-bit.

Any help is appreciated.

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*  shows us that this is generated from a class
%Stream.Object.... is  a class from SYSLIB.
System Classes are typically only available in compiled format (.obj) You can't debug them.
Either skip them by <F10>  or leave them by <SHIFT F11>

Thanks, Robert. I'll try running the routine from the programmers terminal rather than inside Studio.