MohanaPriya Vijayan · Jun 25, 2020

Single Sign On(SSO) using SAML token

    I want to use Single Sign On(SSO) in SAML tokens using SOAP. I need X.509 certificate.
    Where can I get that certificates from a trusted source?
    Is any other way to do SSO in Intersystem Cache 2017.
    Can anyone please help me on this.

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Cache 2017.1 supports Kerberos and OpenAM, which are both SSO methods.  You can also implement your own authentication methods using delegated authentication, or use LDAP to do logins with domain accounts (which is not full SSO since you have to type the login again, but sometimes people call it that because it's just one account.)   If you want to set up SSO via SAML, you'll need to write some code to handle that, there isn't anything that can be enabled by just configuring it.

I am looking for a similar type of implementations. Any possible helps would be appreciated.