ChatGPT recommends: 

ClassMethod SortVersion(input As %String[]) As %String[] {
    Set sorted = []

    for i=1:1:input.%Size() {
        Set version = input.Get(i)

        Set major = $NUMBER($PIECE(version, ".", 1))
        Set minor = $NUMBER($PIECE(version, ".", 2))
        Set patch = $NUMBER($PIECE(version, ".", 3))

        // Create a new dynamic object to store the version number and its corresponding string representation
        Set versionObj = {}
        Set versionObj.version = version
        Set versionObj.major = major
        Set versionObj.minor = minor
        Set versionObj.patch = patch

        // Add the version object to the 'sorted' array
        Do sorted.Insert(versionObj)

    // Sort the 'sorted' array based on major, minor, and patch values
    Do sorted.Sort("major", "minor", "patch")

    // Create a new array to store the sorted version numbers
    Set sortedVersions = []

    // Iterate over the sorted objects and extract the version number
    For i=1:1:sorted.%Size() {
        Set versionObj = sorted.GetAt(i)
        Do sortedVersions.Insert(versionObj.version)

    Quit sortedVersions

Seems to make sense.  Usage is:

Set input = ["1.4.5", "0.5.3", "6.3.2", "1.2.4"]
Set sortedVersions = ##class(YourClassName).SortVersion(input)
Write !, sortedVersions.%ToString()

Thanks John.  I don't think VSCode is reaching the server.  The connection is timing out: failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

For me to connect to these servers, I must use a VPN.  I verified that the VPN was on when I tried to connect.  I also verified that the IP address, was reachable.

I DID notice that the port number was not as expected.  It showed 57772 but we use 1972.  So I changed it to 1972.  I think I got further but the new error is: failed, reason: socket hang up

I did an experimental connect with that IP:port to see if I could discover anything:

$ telnet 1972
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

I also doublechecked in Studio that the port number 1972 is correct for that server.  

Feels like I am very close.  Any other suggestions?

@Robert: Thanks.  I'll study this to get a better idea where I went wrong!

@Julius: That works.  Showing my revised code:

Method AddContentTypeCode5(pContentStream As %Stream.GlobalCharacter, Output pNewContentStream As %Stream.GlobalCharacter) As %Status
Set tStatus = $$$OK
try {
Set pNewContentStream=##class(%GlobalCharacterStream).%New()
Set tLocatorString = "<ns2:Description>"
Set tInsertPoint = pContentStream.FindAt(1,tLocatorString,.tStr,0)-1
Do pContentStream.Rewind()
Do pNewContentStream.Write(pContentStream.Read(tInsertPoint)), pNewContentStream.Write(..ContentTypeCodeInsertable), pNewContentStream.Write(pContentStream.Read(pContentStream.Size-tInsertPoint))
catch ex {
Set tStatus = ex.AsStatus()
Quit tStatus

This documentation shows how to connect and interact with IRIS using Python.  Following this worked for me:

Using port 1972 per the example worked in my case but your installation may vary.  It requires Python 3 (3.4+).  When you download the Intersystems wheel file, make sure that the filename remains unchanged otherwise pip won't be able to install it.