Hello community,

I have productions running in several different namespaces.  They all use a common credentials ID for sending email, which is set up in only one of the namespaces.  The documentation says that credentials are entered by namespace.  When I ran a production in a second namespace, the error log said that credentials were not found (expected), but later attempts to send a file thorugh the production did successfully send an email.  I'm wondering if Ensemble is able to look in other namespaces for the same credentials ID?


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I'm getting the above error.  My zen page calls other javascript methods  and other server methods just fine.  But when I call my  method, I get the error.  Yes, I've tried making it look exactly like the methods that work.  But for some reason, it doesn't seem to know that DoLogout is a zen method. 


Anyone ever get this error?






for example

ClientMethod logout() [ Language = javascript ]  {   zenPage.DoLogout();  }

Method DoLogout() [ZenMethod]   {   //blah blah  }

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Hello Community,

I am trying to create a simple Ensemble DTL transform using the GUI.  In order to test something very simple, I have created a transform that does nothing.  


I'm using test data from here: https://www.emedny.org/HIPAA/5010/5010_sample_files/835%20Sample%20(Institutional%20Claims%20only).2014.txt

 It's a very small test 835 file.


My transform looks like this in the compiled class:

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I have a question about how to set the value of a radioSet.  Yes, I know -- the documentation says that setValue can be used "client side", but gives no example.  Plus, I'm trying to set the value of a radioSet in %onAfterCreatePage, which is a Zen method? Server side method? I'm not sure.


In my Zen page I create a radioSet like this:

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Hi all - I'm running a Zen page that inherits from %Zen.Component.page, and I'd like to step through code and debug it.  Is this possible, and how?


I've tried to attach to a process that I think is mine (it has my internal IP address) but is using "Unknown User".  Any ideas on where to start debugging the page  -- this page calls lots of other pages.  I'd thought I'd start at the home page.  


Perhaps I need to navigate to my page that I want to debug, and attach at that point.


Any info on the debugger in this atypical use is appreciated.

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Hello, I'm new to Ensemble, and my first task is to become familiar with the Production and create a basic outline of it for the users to view (which servers, where are the input files, where are the output files, how many records...).  What are the Production tables?  I'd like to start there.



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