Here's an easy one for you; before I spend another hour looking for the answer, how do you convert %ArrayOfDataTypes to an array (that could, say, fit into the %session.Data array, or maybe just some array named info()), and of course back again?

NS>s aodt=##class(%ArrayOfDataTypes).%New()
NS>w aodt.SetAt("lcavanaugh","username")
NS>w aodt.SetAt("organization","coolcompany")
NS>w ##class(%ArrayOfDataTypes).BuildValueArray(aodt,.array)

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Laura Cavanaugh · Oct 17, 2016
Are we using callin API?

Hello community; this may seem odd, but I need to know if there's any way we could be using callin functions from a C application without knowing?  e.g. if other developers created some C programs that call in to Caché that we don't realize are running.  Is that possible?  If so, where would I look to see these programs?  Perhaps the server's task manager? 

Thanks --Laura

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I know %CSP.Daemon is supposed to clean up old CSP sessions (?).  In my management portal, under System/ License Usage, I see 33 "Units" used (and there are 33 licenses  in use), but usernames from old IP address and that are not being  used.  Their active times are often in the millions of seconds.  They are not "on" the system right now.  


At most, only 3 users are on the system right now.


Are these supposed to be cleaned up?  Can I clean them up programmactially, and how would I know if they're not active?





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If a user simply closes a tab (running a web application), is there any good way to ensure that the license is released AND the login cookie is destroyed?  


I found that if the tab is simply closed without first logging out of the application, then 1) the license hangs around forever, and 2) if the user then opens a tab, he is already logged in.


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I've noticed that Management portal somehow manages to allow a single user to be in different namespaces in different tabs in the same application (i.e. Management Portal).  I've looked at my Processes, however, and see that all of my processes using MgmtPortal think I'm in %SYS, even though 2 of them are looking at globals in two different namespaces; NamespaceA and NamespaceB.  


I can even fool MgmtPortal because the first time I try to look at a global in NamespaceA it thinks I'm in %SYS!  After a refresh, however, I can see the global in NamespaceA.  


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Hi, I have a question about web applications.

First, I know that my ZEN application is using a web application called /OurAppName, but I honestly don't know why it's choosing that web application over the default of /csp/default-namespace, so if you can give me a hint as to how else the web application is set, please do let me know.  I'd also love to see the web application's properties programmatically, if possible (such as the physical files path).


Our other web applications are called /OurAppName/NAMESPACE rather than /csp/namespace.

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