I was wondering if there is a way of adding additional headings under the settings tab for services etc?

I'm aware its possible to add items under the additional settings heading, but being able to split these out into separate headings would look a lot nicer.

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Hi there.

I'm really interested in using Atelier for its source control ability, and I have found a fair bit of info when it comes to starting a new project and then pushing that project to a chosen source control system.

However, my environment has a lot of existing code which was developed within Studio and Ensemble, and placing entire namespaces within a single project file feels wrong.

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I have a service that uses the EnsLib.SOAP.InboundAdapter, and I seem to be facing an odd problem.

Our clinical document system sent a request which contained a word document in base64, and was presented with the error "ERROR #6253: Datatype validation failed for tag payload (ending at line 1 character 2111). Unexpected tag <ClinicalDocument> found."

I took a look at the word document sent, and found it contained an image which made the document size about 4MB larger than the average document.

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I seem to be getting some odd behavior from Ensemble when searching using the extended Criteria options (VDoc Segment Field).

I'm searching for a specific range of test patients (for example, Surnames starting ZZZ) and I'm only getting back about half of what I know is there (and is verifiable by removing the search criteria and manually scrolling through the message viewer.

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I'm looking at an issue where I need to grab an ID number from an external SQL table when it doesn't exist in a HL7 message, and then add it to the HL7 message.

I have built the logic within a BPL which checks for the lack of ID, and then pulls the ID from the SQL table (and storing its value using the context functionality within the BPL) however I am at a loss as to how I then take the ID and add it to the HL7 message before passing it to a router.

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I have been working on a project in our Dev environment which resulted in processing a few (million) HL7 messages, and I thought it would be a good idea to purge the namespace in a controlled way. My concern was when it hit the day where the scheduled task would purge 'the day of a million messages', it would fill the Journal Drive quite dramatically and would happen overnight resulting in triggering a response from the poor person on out of hours support.

My idea of a controlled way was to:

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Hi there.

I was wondering if there was a supported way of editing the Title bar of the management portal so that at a glance it is clear as to what environment is being worked on. This would be in addition to the namespace and server name being displayed.

Ideally I would like to make it clear at a glance that a user is working within the Dev or Live environment.

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