Hey Community,

Another alternative prize was added to the Community Award:

🎁 Raspberry Pi 4 8GB  with InterSystems IRIS Community Edition ARM installed

Now the winner will have an option to choose one of 3 prizes!

Hey Community,

We've implemented a new feature in our DC editor so that you can easily track the amount of content in your article! Please welcome: 

Word & character counter

When you type any text on the post creation page, DC Editor reads all words and characters and automatically displays them in the lower right corner.

p.s. Conter works only for WYSIWYG format.

Enjoy! ✨

Hey Developers,

💥 Use Embedded Python to join the current contest! 

Embedded Python is a new feature of InterSystems IRIS that gives you the option to use python as a "first-class citizen" in backend business logic development with InterSystems classes.

⏯ Short demo of Embedded Python by @Bob Kuszewski

Embedded Python could be used in "on-demand" images that could be delivered via InterSystems Early Access Program (EAP) if you refer to python-interest@intersystems.com. More details here.

⬇️ Template package on how to use Embedded Python deployable with ZPM. Don't forget to change the image to the one you get from the EAP.

Stay tuned!