· Oct 4, 2023

Adding new rubric to the Community - Water Cooler Talk

Hello Developers!

We've been thinking long and hard about something and decided that we definitely need your input about it 😊

We know that many of you have interests besides IRIS development (crazy thought, we know). And most likely some other members of the Community share your interests. So we thought it may be a good idea to discuss topics not directly related to InterSystems products and services but linked to programming. For example, new research in AI or new Python releases. Basically, we'd like to give you a chance to share your expertise in other domains not just InterSystems. 

Of course, to not flood the Community with content not directly related to the IRIS data platform, we can hold such discussions a.k.a. Water Cooler Talk once every 1-2 weeks, e.g. on Fridays.

For now, we just want to get your opinion on whether you would be interested in such a rubric, whether you would want to participate in such discussions, etc. So, how do you feel about this idea?

Please vote in the poll below and/or leave your comments. We're eager to hear your thoughts! ✌️

Would you like to see a "Water Cooler Talk" rubric on the community?
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