Hi @Dmitry Maslennikov 
This suggestion worked thanks, one I am looping over 60 columns and all is working fine. One thing is breaking sometimes data is single codes ' in the text and such records are not being saved. Any suggestion how to handle this?

For i=1:1:60 {
set FieldName = FieldName_",Field"_i
set FieldVaue = FieldVaue_"','"_$Piece(pInput,"|",i)}

Best Practices to Common Problems: This will be quick start to implement real time example not generic documentation which is hard to follow and real things are not visible

Master data management, This will have single place to have all master data and every system/compoent using such master data. Like Facility Registry, same used in routing rules, healthinsight. Same Gender, its used in data quality, validation, in reports, in mapping, in outbound interfaces

Knowledge Base & Sample Codes: This one is not there, as every user struggling when coding for simple things and if we have code base where people can get sample and speed up their work and reduce suffering

Inbound Interfaces Data Quality Dashboard: This will show the data quality issues in the msgs during the build as clean patient data means more actionable data to help patients

Editable HL7 Editor in the Message Viewer: This is much needed while viewing the msg content we can edit the msg

our version is 2019.1 so these new options not available, any other thoughts?

thanks can i also use not in like below

Select * from HS_Registry.Patient where Facility='ABC' and MPIID NOT IN

(select MPIID from HS_Registry.Patient where Facility='XYZ')

Thanks will do some R&D on these methods, is there transaction concept here where I begin transaction and while loading SDAs any error faces the entire transaction got rolled back ?