IF tableb is a linked table from another namespace, you will get a failure like this.



  Does the top command show a large swap space.  I have seen backup servers with a smaller physical memory get the programs into swap space which as you know is extremely slow to operate.


Make sure you haveenabeld the %Services_Binding in the services in security.  Must be on to use studio against database.

» %Service_Bindings Yes N/A Password,Unauthenticated Unrestricted Controls SQL or Objects

Did you check the owner and group of the /var/cache directory as well as its permissions.  It should be owned by the start/stop user defined during the install and with a group of cacheusr with permissions 775.  Also check the cache.cpf file as its permissions matter since this is an attempt to save the file before posting changes.



   In the second SQL,

select pyrpt.pypqty, PhysicalRecord->ItemRecord->imdesc from SQLUser.pyrpt

I do not get the imdesc data.  The field is in the grid, but no data.  This is on the Management portal executing SQL.