HI Denny

Trakcare publishes it's CSPs as Deployed, so a standard install will not contain a user friendly way to view them



If I'm writing something that will  maybe run 2 or 3 times, and is less than 10 lines of code, I might use a .mac.  For anything more than that, I would use a class, as the time saved in setup is pretty negligible compared to the rest of the work done

Hi Jay

This has happened a few times, and I've readded them a few times.  I'll see if I still have the images handy and get them reattached again

Could you try making the call with a REST client like RESTLet for Chrome, and seeing if the request comes through on that method?

Try reading the Request data with this

Set updateJSON = %request.Content.Read()

Edited because I missed that you already tried this?

Hi David

Are you specifying the HTTP verb in the $.ajax call?



HI Fabio

I've built it into my Authentication routine on my REST services, as all of my functionality goes through REST.  I created a simple Audit class, and had each call to the Authentication include information specific to which service called it.



Hi Wendy,

I would need to see some details of what your class is doing to comment further.