Hello Rochdi,

Have you resolved this? If not, are you using a report that is derived from %ZEN.Report.reportPage? If you are, you can use the "GenerateReport()" instance method to create an "xlsx" Excel file, which can then be exported to ".csv" after opening it from Excel.


Alternatively, the following code highlights how to generate a CSV file containing the results of a query:

ClassMethod ExportCSV(/* some args */) As %String [ ZenMethod ]
/* get a results set named "rs" from a query (sql statement, or, in this example a query class):
Set rs=##class(%ResultSet).%New("<some query class")
Do rs.Prepare()
Do rs.Execute(/*some args*/)
// Define the delimeter to be used in CSV file (usually comma)
Set Delim = ","

// Define the file and its name
Set File = ##class(%FileCharacterStream).%New()
Set Filename = "filename.csv"
Set File.BOM = $C(239,187,191)
Set File.Filename = "C:\temp\"_Filename 
Set File.TranslateTable = "UTF8" 
// Define the names of the columns (should match up with the values in each row of the result 
// set. In this example, there are 3 columns
Set FileHeader = $LB("Name","Rank","","SerialNumber")

Do File.WriteLine($ZCVT($LTS(FileHeader, Delim), "O", "UTF8")) 
While rs.%Next()
    Set Row = ""
    For = 1:1:$LL(FileHeader) 
        Set col = $LG(FileHeader, i) 
        Set Data = rs.%Get(col)
        // Replace characters that may mess up the CSV file (e.g., embedded commas in a data field)
        Set Data = $REPLACE(Data, $C(13), " ")
        Set Data = $REPLACE(Data, $C(10), " ")
        Set Data = $REPLACE(Data, """", "'")
        Set:(Data [ ",") Data = """"_Data_"""" 
        Set Data = $ZCVT(Data, "O", "UTF8") 
        // Add the datum to the row's list
        Set Row = Row_$LB(Data)
     // Each element in the "row list" is written, separated by "Delim" (comma) on one line 
     // in the file 
     Do File.WriteLine($LTS(Row, Delim))
// Set attributes of the file for easier reading by the right apps later.
Do File.SetAttribute("ContentType","application/octet-stream; charset=utf-8")
Do File.SetAttribute("ContentDisposition","attachment; filename="""_Filename_"""")
Do File.SetAttribute("Expires",600)
    Do File.SetAttribute("Content-Length",File.Size)
    Do File.%Save()
 // Return the name of the full path to the CSV file
 Quit File.Filename

Please confirm if this is helpful or if you have other questions.

Thank you 

Hi Ting,

I haven't "Viewed Other Code" in Eclipse, but in Studio, Control-G will bring up the "Go To" dialog box.

You can click the "Tag or Label" option and type in zProcessRequest+8 into the text field and it should take you to the line in question. (If there is a similar feature in Eclipse)