Ting Wang · Oct 8, 2019

<INVALID OREF> error and try to debug in the code



I got the <INVALID OREF> error in the component and the error screenshot as follows:


When I try to debug in the code, I go to the class and view other code in eclipse and find out the error method. How should I determine which line threw the error according to the error? There is the line number"+8" in zProcessRequest method. Is that the line counted from the method name or below? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

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Hi Ting,

I haven't "Viewed Other Code" in Eclipse, but in Studio, Control-G will bring up the "Go To" dialog box.

You can click the "Tag or Label" option and type in zProcessRequest+8 into the text field and it should take you to the line in question. (If there is a similar feature in Eclipse)


Thanks Jean. I got the similar feature in Eclipse and targeted the code line. Appreciate your help!

You're welcome Ting! Hope you figure out the issue with the code.



On a related note, if anyone who's involved in the development of the core product sees this, is the * syntax, where we actually get the name of the oref that was invalid (similar to the *variable syntax we get when a reference is undefined) in the plans for the future?