I've asked a lot of questions leading up to this, so I wanted to share some of my progress.

The blue line represents the number of messages processed.  The background color represents the average response time.  You can see ticks for each hour (and bigger ticks for each day).   Hovering over any point in the graph will show you the numbers for that period in time.

This is super useful for "at a glance" performance monitoring as well as establishing patterns in our utilization.

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Scott Beeson · Apr 14, 2016 1m read
[request] a more compact index

I would really like to see (an option for) a more compact index of posts.  The current index layout makes me feel like a) there's not much content on the site and b) I have to look harder to get an idea of what's going on.  I feel like I'm forced to read each post instead of just glancing over a "list" of posts. 

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Option 1:
Groups are renamed "Forums".  They are segregated and have their own sets of tags.  If I'm viewing "Ensemble" and I click "Create a Post", it is posted in that forum.  I must tag the post with one or more tags from that forum, "Business Service", "Production", "DTD", etc.  Tags can be assigned to multiple forums.  I am never prompted to choose a "group"/forum.  It's based on the context I was viewing.


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I received an email notification and the only link was directly to the comment: https://community.intersystems.com/question406316/answer406331

From that page you can see that there is no way to get to the full question itself (unless I'm missing it).  


Looking through my subscriptions it looks like I'm literally subscribed to the answer and not the main topic. 


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Scott Beeson · Mar 17, 2016 1m read

This latest update was a huge stride in making the community usable.  I think you fixed almost all of the major usage gripes I had and it's looking great!

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