I just saw this on an employee post.  Is this automated or did he add it manually?  It's too bulky.

I would expect something more like this:

Any update on this one?

edit: Sorry for the double post, got an HTTP error.  If only we could delete our own comments... ;)


As you can see from my comment (still can't post answers to our own questions) I found what I was looking for.  As for APIs, this is for reporting.  SQL is much preferred.

I finally found it.

WHERE Types = 'Repository'

But the table is empty in the HSREG namespace, which is where I need the data.  So I can't do a JOIN and I have to manually cross reference.  :(

At least it's only 15 or so...


Absolutely not. Again I must reference stack overflow. "unanswered" means it does not have an accepted answer, which by the way is the terminology we should use instead of "true answer".