This is a forum for InterSystems. This is not a forum for Ontario Systems. If you would like assistance with an application, you should refer to the developer of that application. While the application may run on a Caché database, the specifics of an application would not be supported by the developers of the database the application's developers choose to use.

In other words, your FACS question should not be asked here.


While I'm not experienced with CSP/ZEN, I thought I'd make a suggestion from an outsider's perspective. As we all know, server-side does the work and client-side does the tidying up. So, let's keep things simple. I see your current situation is as follows.
Back-End Issue
You need to know a CSP/Zen Mojo approach to including code.
Front-End Issue
You are unsure how to create a fixed header with a navbar; and sticky footer in Bootstrap.
Back-End Solution
In PHP, this is usually obtained with includes. However, CSP does this in a similar fashion through the include directive (#INCLUDE), which you can find more info here: Also, any client-side changes you'd want to be done with JS so that unnecessary load isn't placed on the server.
Front-End Solution
The front-end should be simple. There's lots of articles on how to use Bootstrap to achieve this. Here's on example: Be sure you are using a CDN to maximize the load time for the client.