I have not seen the        dot Value dot value             syntax used, but I do like the simplicity

I've also been playing all morning, and I've just got this to work

While (result.Next()) {
   ; ID FleetNumber Registration SatNavVehNumber
   mainObj= ##class(%Object).$new()
     s object = ##class(%Object).$new()
     s object.id = result.Data("ID"
     s object.reg = result.Data("Registration")
     s object.snNum = result.Data("SatNavVehNumber")

     mainObj.data = object     ; store all the resultSet into "data":....
  do array.$push(mainObj)


I think I prefer your method, but I've noted my new possible solution here as an alternative
any other solutions ?


I think its absolutely essential to be able to use similar syntax to google etc.

example the use of minusSearchWord or phrase.

it's just become so natural to start excluding words when you see topics within the results that are irrelevent.

so I want to be search for  able to

rest -deepsee -csp

I've been following the tutorial, and I noticed %PARALLEL as in select %parallel from sqluser.newConsignments

it's forcing multi-cores to be used to solve the sql

i tried that on exactly the same sql above and the first time I ran it the time went back up to over 4 seconds, but when I ran it again (buffered globals) I got even better results.

Row count: 31 Performance: 0.151 seconds  294 global references

looking at the plan clearly showed a different way of fetching the same data.

seems there's some mileage in playing with the sql with subtly different parameters especially if every second counts

tom, many thanks

rows=31, Performance: 0.191 seconds  39025 global access

massive difference.

I should look a lot closer at whats in front of me when I look at worked examples.


Yesterday, I asked for the latest version of cache->nodejs files.

The response is

4.2.1. I will however try to find out more details if/when we are going to support 5.x.x.

I would ask that intersystems add nodeJS support files to their download area.
We can already filter cache, ensemble . . .  and platform etc. why not nodeJs

Can you please add all versions of NodeJS files to the download area including any beta versions (eg 5.x.x)

I cannot be the only one asking for this information ad subsequent download


can you introduce cookies (or something similar) to allow you to totally disregard  any results in certain areas.

for instance, I'm a small developer and so I do not use Ensemble, DeepSee, Iknow and so on.

also if you are on window, prehaps you could filter out VMS, Unix etc

narrowing down searches fasst is often the clue to finding what you are really searching for.

perhaps a filter with a series of tickboxes (defaults to everything)