I've played with the links, much better, thumbs up, one thing, and it may be my imagination.

if you open a link (new tab or otherwise), it seems to jump part way down the article.

could you tweak it, so that it opens at the top of the new page please.

subtle, but would help



Thanks for the answer,

where do you store the unique salt ? in a macro ? I need this so that I can automatically log into the email server as a single user to send the email as though they sent it.

it's got to be stored somewhere

I want to make it clear (from the title) that I have just "plain Cache@ ie not ensemble, iris etc. My intention is to use encryption and only store encrypted values,  never ever plain text

no, no.

just 2-300 users, each with a few passwords. I just want to be able to store the safely, use them within objectScript and then look them up to see what the actual password was so that I can reset their devices etc when they c one in for repair/upgrades etc.


Can you tell me if all the figures stated are those that Intersystems created/monitered/collated from their own installations of the alternative databases or are the figures collated and verified by an external 3rd party company?

forgive me but its easy to slant figures based upon marketing requirements.


we had this problem, the issue was "frozen queries"

look at frozen queries in the docs, and then from in the SQL portal, you can "un-freeze" them and remove cached queries

Thanks John.

Although unique string is indeed generated ( for instance 1328BACC-D8A5-46C7-BACC-19634E0F83A2 ), its not a very memorable directory name and so, in my head, I'd dismissed the instanceGUID.

I would need to keep track of which machine/instance "1328BACC-D8A5-46C7-BACC-19634E0F83A2" is being generated to instantly know the content. of any given folder.


Robert, I think there's a mistake in the 5rh line whereby variable "p" is undefined.

s ping="ping 10.10.12."_p

the thing about this code is that you have to know the first part of the IPaddress you are pinging, and thats part of what I want to automate