can you give a simple example please.

I have an sql that I want to expose to ODBC, but that sql doesn't return sufficient for my MS-EXCEL to interpret,

At the moment, I run a classmethod that calls SQL, and then converts the result (including extra calculations for a further 3-4 columns) into a CSV file. 

I think It would be nicer to just call the "_ClassMethod()" over the odbc connection


not sure which "day" you want, so try this and you can take your pick of the format you want.

f i=1:1:13 w !,i,"-",$zd($h,i)

here in the middle of nowhere , I'm about 2-3 YEARS behind GMT, we still only have 14mb internet despite a direct feed from the bt exchange.

is 48 hours enough ??


Thanks for the article and the links, any source may? be a good source even when its 6 years old.  Luckily for us, cache is still cache.

Thanks Robert. I'll look at those classes.

one of the bits of info I was missing (obtained from Evgeny's reply) was that is DocBook.Utils thats doing the work. There's a lot of clues there.

I've been hunting through the %SYS classes and documatic, but no joy.


thanks for that link.

Can you suggest where I can find the zip file this artical refers to please, Ive tried to find it through google translate, and even visiting in the original language (I'm fluent enough to recognise "??.zip" files in the text - ha ha ) to see if I can obtain the zip file its referring to, but no joy.